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"The Only Way Out Is Through"

~Robert Frost

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About Me

My choice to pursue this work is a reflection of my deepest passion in life: understanding the art of being human and finding meaningful connection and safety through that. Being highly attuned to others and deeply curious about authentic experience, particularly in the face of transformation and hardship, I have come to find that one of life's biggest challenges is finding permission to do just that: honor one's own authentic Self.  It has long been a quest of mine to discover what it is that holds us back from granting ourselves the ability to step into our highest beings and recognizing the beliefs we have to undo on the way. In addition to this, I think relationally and systemically. Recognizing the impacts that systems of oppression have on our mind and body feels essential to this work, and I will always strive to be accountable to my growth in unpacking and understanding systemic oppression. Forever the seeker, I continue to walk my own path of personal evolution and it is my commitment to continue to learn and grow. I am deeply honored to walk beside you, as you too are walking your own journey of the Self.

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Charlotte Irving is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate who holds a master’s degree in Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University. She believes in a humanistic and transpersonal approach to counseling and utilizing mindfulness tools as a way to help regulate our nervous systems and navigate our most profound emotions. Above all, Charlotte encourages an authentic connection with others and strives to provide a safe and relatable atmosphere for her clients. Charlotte is PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) Level 2 certified. She loves couples work and believes that intimacy is one of the most wonderful opportunities for humans to access the deepest layers of their shadow and ancient hidden trauma. Other populations Charlotte specializes include life transitions, (both the expected and unexpected), career counseling, body dysmorphia, challenging relationships with food, managing anxiety, depression and, as always, meeting people in their process, wherever that may be.


Prior to her work as a psychotherapist, Charlotte worked as a school teacher, a yoga instructor and a massage therapist. These experiences contribute to and reinforce her ability to support clients in embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. She believes in a holistic approach to health and the importance of listening to innate somatic insight. Charlotte’s passion and experience helping others is evident in her presence. 

"We only have the opportunity to heal when we are being asked to do so from within." - Aleka Thorvalson

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Supporting Individuals, Partners, and Families: 

Holistic Counseling & Life Coaching

In the spirit of honoring a  "holistic" approach,  I hold the perception on behalf every client that walks into my door, they are already in fact completely whole. I experience this approach to not only as empowering and restorative, but I find there is almost always more occurring beyond the surface level.

As a holistic counselor and coach, I emphasize this broader viewpoint when assisting clients to work through life challenges. I offer support in ways that coincide with one’s own unique spiritual meaning and physical experience, and encourage my clients to embrace holistic wisdom and their innate power within that model. Through this lens, I believe that You are the key to your own healing.

Systems Approach

By utilizing a systems approach, I weave in the understanding that people are part of a larger system (global, societal & familial) and that individuals cannot be fully understand in isolation from one another. When utilizing this view with individual clients, that may look like an exploration of family history, socioeconomic upbringing, race and ethnicity, as it all pertains to the lens of your experience of being human. With couples, partners and families it will be used as a way to assist people in understanding one another with more clarity and compassion. 

Parts Work

Through parts work, my mission is to help others achieve trauma resolution by recognizing the disowned parts our themselves. These are parts we inherently learned to disowned from experiences endured throughout life and the messages received along the way.  Through recognizing and making contact with these  disowned or "exiled" parts of our being, we are courageously offering a place for integration to occur. This helps to create more harmony, peace and space for one's highest Self to come to fruition.

Couples Therapy

Partnership has the ability to be one of the most healing and transformative experiences we embark on as humans. Whether you are experiencing harmony, conflict, or navigating a separation, intimacy can elicit intense emotions that are less accessible in friendships and/or work relationships. Therefore, I view these relationships as a vital opportunity for correctional experiences, self- discovery, lasting change, and growth. The experience of understanding your partnership is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful opportunities for individuals to access the deepest layers of their shadow and ancient hidden trauma. I utilize an attachment based approach to co-create safety and effective communication between you and your loved one.

Integrated Astrology

I like to refer to one's astrological birthchart as a thumbprint of their soul and psyche. Through utilizing an evolutionary astrological assessment of natal charts and transits, my aim to support clients to understand the growth edges that are being asked of them and the purity of personal evolution that is behind that. Astrology can help you better understand yourself by highlighting the skills and abilities you have been gifted as well as reveal specific limiting beliefs and energetic anchors that are keeping you stuck. Understanding present planet transits in ones chart and provide support while enduring times of transition and change. This increased awareness self knowledge, personal growth potential and healing is heightened, allowing you to confidently turn your challenges into possibilities.



My current fees are $150 for a 60 minute session, and $215 for 90 minute sessions. I have a number of lower fee slots available for those who cannot afford my full fee. I do my best to prioritize making these services available to those who are in the greatest need. I can provide an out-of-network billing statement for insurance purposes.

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